Rob Roy

Real Name: Robert Roy MacGregor

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Cattleman (rustler), former revolutionary

Affiliations: John Graham of Claverhouse, 1st Viscount Dundee;

Enemies: James Graham, 1st Duke of Montrose

Known Relatives: Donald MacGregor (father), Margaret Campbell (mother), Mary Helen MacGregor (wife, deceased), James, Coll, Ranald, Robert (sons), Duncan (cousin)

Aliases: Red MacGregor, Raibeart Ruadh (Red Robert)

Base of Operations: Scottish Highlands (born Glengyle, near Loch Katrine)

First Appearance: c.1670 (see comments)

Richard Todd as Rob RoyPowers/Abilities: Skilled soldier.


Comments: Poor birth record keeping means Rob Roy's exact date of birth remains uncertain, but he was baptised on 7th March 1761. His grave notes his death on 28th December 1734, but even that can't provide a date of birth; it notes he was "aged about 60."

Liam Neeson as Rob RoyFirst made famous by Daniel Defoe's Highland Rogue, a fictionalised account of his exploits published before Roy's death, which proved powerful enough to save him from being transported, as it convinced King George I to pardon him. Roy's fame was consolidated with Walter Scott's 1817 novel, and with his adventures later turned into a Disney movie Rob Roy the Highland Rogue (1953) starring Richard Todd and the 1995 Rob Roy movie starring Liam Neeson as Roy.

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