Robert Lovett: Back from the Dead

Real Name: Robert Lovett

Identity/Class: Undead human

Occupation: Criminal, former fortune teller, soldier

Affiliations: Robson (crook scared into Lovett's service), Polly Campion, Jimmy the Grab

Enemies: Judge Sturrock, Parson Watkins, Sir David Steel M.P, Davidson (a moneylender), Joseph Lang, Herman Gold (J.J. Corsar), Bull Barton; pursued by Inspector Mitchell of Scotland Yard and Inspector Potts

Known Relatives: Unidentified wife (deceased)

Aliases: Madam Lovettsky, Inspector Mitchell

Base of Operations: London

First Appearance: War Comics #5 (Gerald D. Swan, November 1940); Topical Funnies (1941), Picture Epics (1952)

Powers/Abilities: Lovett has a steel like grip with his claw like hands, he can see through walls, and can kill with a glance, flashing lightning from his eyes. He can also alter reality, making a fish and giant glass of beer appear out of thin air, and teleporting himself and others. He is also telepathic, able to read minds, and to transfer his mind into another's dead body, though the new body will soon take on Lovett's corpse-like appearance. Physical contact with crucifixes apparently rob Lovett temporarily of his powers.

History: On November the 1st 1827 Robert Lovett was laid to rest in the family tomb in Dalton Churchyard, Surrey. One hundred and twenty-two years later, in 1949, a grave robber cut Lovett's finger while trying to steal a ring from him, and he awakened. The shock killed the robber, and Lovett took his clothes to wander the world, fighting crime. After destroying a robbery ring and slaying a blackmailer, Lovett became a wanted fugitive. An attempt to join the army to hide failed, in part because his appearance was visibly skeletal, and he took the bizarre decision to hide in a circus as a female fortune teller. Forced to flee that role too, he was captured by Inspector Mitchell of Scotland Yard, but soon escaped. When the pursuing Mitchell was struck by a train and slain, Lovett transferred his mind into Mitchell's body, intending to infiltrate the police, but his essence swiftly transformed his new body into a duplicate of his old one. Fleeing again, he was given refuge by a crook who convinced Lovett to join his gang of jewel thieves for a time.

Comments: Lovett targets a gang of seemingly respectable members of society who are also secretly robbers, including one identified as Sir David Steel, M.P. For those outside of the U.K., there's a weird coincidence in this name, as there is a British politician David Steel, a former M.P. who has accrued several titles, including a knighthood - so he is Sir David Steel, M.P. Lest anyone think that the writer of the Robert Lovett story was taking a satirical potshot at the real politician, it is worth noting that at the time the story was published, the real world David Steel was around two years old.

At one point Lovett tries to enlist in the army, thinking this will be a suitable place to hide from the police. When he does so, he gives his date of birth as 23rd March 1792, which means he was thirty-five when he died. He  also notes that he fought the French at Waterloo.


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