Red Bee

Real Name: Rick Raleigh

Identity/Class: Normal human (?)

Occupation: Assistant District Attorney

Affiliations: Golden Age Black Condor, Neon the Unknown, Quicksilver, the Ray, the Spider, Uncle Sam
Silver Age (D.C. Version) Freedom Fighters

Enemies: "Boss" Storm, Dr. Marah, Swordsmen (Kalak, Rugi)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Superior City

First Appearance: Hit Comics #1 (Quality Comics, July 1940)

Powers/Abilities: Good fighter. Able to control bees.

History: Wishing to do more to combat crimals who could otherwise evade justice, Assistant District Attorney Rick Raleigh created the costumed identity of the Red Bee.

The Red Bee is a superb athlete, and has no superpowers except for an uncanny ability to train/control bees. The Bee's costume consists of a red mask, red and yellow striped tights, a red shirt with long flesh colored sleeves, and red wristbands. The Red Bee's golden age adventures last until Hit Comics #24.

Comments: His Golden Age adventures ran from Hit Comics #1 to #24.

The D.C. version died battling Baron Blitzkreig.

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