Real Name: Jack Bishop

Identity/Class: Mutated human

Occupation: Former team leader of government special ops team "Omega Dragons", now adventurer

Affiliations: (former) Omega Dragons; Norrin Sin

Enemies: Norrin Sin

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Unknown

Powers/Abilities: Ravenhawk possesses a variety of superhuman powers utilizing the cosmically charged alien DNA that his body is infused with. Ravenhawk has superhuman strength and is capable of lifting (pressing) 80 tons. His body is totally invulnerable to all forms of physical injury. Ravenhawk can fly by harnessing his cosmic energy as a propulsion source. The maximum speed Ravenhawk can achieve and sustain is unknown. Ravenhawk can also harness his cosmic energy and channel it through his hands and eyes for concussive, lethal and often times destructive blasts.

History: Jack Bishop joined the United States Army right out of high school. He volunteered for many high risk assignments and training. Jack trained with the elite Airborne and Air Assault teams, and then went on to become a Pathfinder. Seeing his eagerness to learn and his natural leadership abilities, his superiors offered him a chance to leave the ranks of the enlisted and become an officer. Again, Jack Bishop excelled in his field. After the much publicized "Contra" affair, a new team of elite soldiers code-named: The Omega Dragons was formed to hunt down and stamp out any and all cartels known to be smuggling drugs and weapons in and out of the United States. Bishop was given command by the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

After years of successful missions, members of the Crystal Senate decided that the teams operations was too costly and ordered them disbanded. Industrialist Norrin Sin approached the team and offered to continue funding their missions, saying that they served a greater purpose than the fools on Capital Hill knew. Jack Bishop was wary of Sin from the start but accepted the offer. The Omega Dragons became very busy over the course of the next few months, but Jack Bishop still didn't trust Sin. He noticed that Sin had always chose the missions and performed all of the intel before the team could review it. One day, Jack Bishop secretly performed the intel on their next mission and chose their next target. During the strike on the target, Bishop discovered that this particular drug lab was financed by Norrin Sin.

When Jack confronted Sin with this information, Sin didn't even bother to deny the accusation. As Jack was about to leave the office to contact the authorities, Sin neutralized him with an electro-shock. When Bishop awoke, he found himself strapped into a chair with IV tubes attached to his arms, head, thighs. Sin flipped a switch which started a glowing green substance to move through the tubes and into Jack Bishop's body. The green substance was alien DNA extracted from the Roswell crash site. As it entered Jack's body, it immediately began to attach itself to Jack's human DNA. Jack's metamorphosis was both painful and wonderous to behold. Thinking that he had just created the ultimate weapon, Sin ordered his lab techs to revive his creation. Because of his pure hatred toward Sin, Jack Bishop retained all of his memories and turned his anger toward Sin. Using the awesome powers now at his command, Jack Bishop vaporized the complex and began his search for Sin, who by now had seen what he had created and went into hiding. Sin immediately ordered his bio-tech teams to hunt down and destroy Project: Ravenhawk.

Comments: Created by Wm. Joseph Warner. Text covering origin and powers taken straight from the Worldwinz Studios site. Thanks to Wm. Joseph Warner for informing me of this character and pointing me to the site.

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