Norrin Sin

Real Name: Norrin Sin

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Industrialist, President of Sin Industries

Affiliations: Master Midnight

Enemies: Ravenhawk

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Unknown

Powers/Abilities: Skilled scientist and geneticist

History: Not much is known about the past of Norrin Sin except that his fortune had come from genetic research and engineering. Sin had proved his skill as a geneticist when he was approached by Master Midnight to create a synthetic drug called Rebirth. The drug was made from the sacred Tanis root, long thought to be a myth.

However, Master Midnight had kept a specimen from his time spent with the Brotherhood of Light. The Tanis Root was the source of the immortality sustaining waters of the Well of Ra . This synthetic drug was more addictive than any other in history. Once taken, the individual would immediately become addicted, craving for more and more. If the individual was denied the illegal substance they would die, their bodies reduced to dust and their life energy would pass on to Master Midnight.

From there, Sin used his brilliance and his fortune to create Project RavenHawk. The RavenHawk was intended to be the next step in human evolution. A genetically engineered super being that would become his “watch-dog”, invincible and totally subservient to him. This being would be the building block for a new race that would seize control over the planet and make Sin himself absolute ruler of Earth. Using alien DNA retrieved from the Roswell crash site, Sin spliced the alien genes with that of human DNA. All of Sin’s test subjects died violently.

Sin realized that all his subjects had been Caucasian males and females. They lacked a special gene code that would allow the gene splice to take place without failure. Norrin turned his attention to African-American’s once he discovered that their DNA held that special genetic code he so desperately needed in order to succeed in his experiment. Norrin saw this as an opportunity to use those members of the “minority” to become a master of men. Unfortunately for Sin, his one attempt at creating the ultimate weapon failed when he introduced the alien DNA into the body of Major Jack Bishop, leader of the Special Ops team known as The Omega Dragons. Bishops hatred for Sin allowed his memories to remain intact, even as his body underwent the transformation from human to hybrid.

Comments: Created by Wm. Joseph Warner. Text covering origin taken straight from the Worldwinz Studios site. Thanks to Wm. Joseph Warner for informing me of this character and pointing me to the site.


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