Real Name: Raaka

Identity/Class: Mutated human

Occupation: Supervillain

Affiliations: None known

Enemies: Chacha Chaudhary, Sabu

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Earth

First Appearance: Chacha Chaudhary and Raaka

Powers/Abilities: Unable to die.

History: Raaka was a criminal who fled from the police after a failed heist, into a hospital. Trapped within, he entered the offices of a doctor called Chakramacharya, and, attempting to commit suicide, he drank from a bottle kept therein, which he believed contained poison. In fact it was quite the opposite. Chakramacharya had been working on distilling the elixir of life, and when Raaka drank it, that was exactly what he got. Now unable to die, he went on to scheme ways of conquering the Earth, always opposed by elderly detective Chacha Chaudhary. However while he is now immortal, he is no smarter than he used to be, so his plans generally rely on brute force rather than subtlety.

Comments: Created by Pran.

Thanks to Anand who corrected me on some mistakes I had in this profile and provided a correct origin for the character. Anand also states that "since Raaka cannot be killed, he has to be caught and imprisoned in various locales, depending on the creator's imagination. These range from Antarctica to outer space, and, of course, at the start of each comic, he escapes from his sci-fi prisons."

Thanks to Mohd Faisal for providing the image of Raaka used here.


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