Membership: Helen Morgan, Ben Kulmer, Harry Crane

Purpose: To investigate unexplainable crimes

Affiliations: The UK Government presumably

Enemies: Templar Richard

Base of Operations: Great Britain

First Appearance: Jack Staff #1 (Dancing Elephant Press)

History: "Three unusual people caught up in a world where the bizarre is commonplace.

They are the guardians of the gate between reality and unreality.

The are the investigators of the unexplainable.

The question mark crimes.

They are Q"

How each member of Q originally joined the mysterious organisation is as yet unexplained, but each member brings something unique to the group.

Comments: Helen Morgan wears a piece of the Valiant stone round her neck. While the original, intact stone granted invulnerability, the piece worn by Helen appears to allow Q to bring her back to life should she be killed (as she apparently has been on a number of occasions). She has shown various psychic abilities, including forming psychic-shields and mind control. She's originally from Wales.

Ben's special abilities are basically those of the Steel Claw - some time ago under another name he was thief who had the misfortune of coming into contact with a magical glove during a museum robbery. The metal gauntlet bonded to his hand, granting him the ability to become invisible whenever it is exposed to electricity.

Harry, apparently a recent recruit, has the ability of retrocognition; he can alter his perception to view the past in the area he is standing. The extent of this ability is unknown.

I originally thought that Harry Crane was meant to be white, based on the image above, until I saw a coloured in picture of him from the upcoming Image launch for the series, where he is clearly black. At first I thought that this was someone over the pond adding a bit of ethnic diversity, but Paul Grist himself has clarified that Harry was always black - it's just that the colouring in the image above was a bit paler than was intended. My mistake.

Thanks to Charles Ellis for additional information.

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