The Python

Don Mason (left) and Vic Dawes (right) with the Python visible over Vic's shoulderReal Name: The Python - its pilots are Captain Don Mason and Vic Dawes.

Identity/Class: Robotic / vehicle

Occupation: Vehicle

Affiliations: Don Mason, Vic Dawes

formerly Davon (creator)

Enemies: Davon

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unknown.

First Appearance: Pow! # 1 (Odhams, 21st January 1967)

Powers/Abilities: Don and Vic themselves have no powers, other than being resourceful and daring, as befits heroes of their sort. The Python is a gigantic weapon of destruction, looking to be over 100 feet in length, able to crush buildings, capable of travelling over ground and water with equal ease, and even to tunnel through the earth without slowing using a "heat liquidator" (which could presumably be used as a weapon too).

History: While flying their freight plane over the Bay of Bengal, pilots Don Mason and Vic Dawes were caught in a tropical storm which forced a crash landing. Trying to make their way back to civilisation through the jungle, they stumbled across an ancient lost city of the Khmer Empire, where they were captured by a giant mechanical python built by the mad genius Davon, who kept the locals as terrorised slaves, using his inventions and snake-garbed minions to maintain control. Escaping, Mason and Dawes stole the Python and used it to overthrow the villain. Thereafter the two men used the Python and Davon's other inventions to battle other tyrants and madmen.

Comments: Pow!, the title in which the Python appears, was one of the Power Comics group published by Odhams. They reprinted a lot of Marvel strips in the main, but also carried original British produced strips (a few years later Marvel would create its own UK branch, Marvel UK, and their strips would no longer be reprinted in other companies' titles).

The Python turns up in Albion, one of a host of robots in various stages of disrepair now residing in Penny Dolmann's secret workshop.


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