The Purple Hood: Crime Fighter International

Real Name: Lee Briton

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Crimefighter, government operative

Affiliations: Sir Franklyn James

Enemies: Doctor Darkness

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: Crime Fighter International

Base of Operations: Worldwide

First Appearance: The Purple Hood #1 (John Spencer & Co, 1967)

Powers/Abilities: No superpowers, but a skilled fighter, both with modern weapons (as seen in the image to the left), archaic weapons (such as bows and arrows); and hand to hand.

History: The Purple Hood is a Batman like crimefighter, armed with high-tech equipment but with no discernible superpowers. He takes assignments from Sir Franklyn James, head of a Top Secret Government Organisation.

(Purple Hood #2) The Purple Hood faces the dread Doctor Darkness and his minions, and thwarts their plans to "destroy the world"

Comments: Thanks to Lindsay McLaughlin for sending me the images of the character used on this page.

To the best of my knowledge, this character was purchased in 1984 by Terry Hooper / Black Tower, and is now his copyright.


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