Real Name: Oxo

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional parahuman (see comments)

Occupation: mercenary

Affiliations: member of the Special Executive; ally of Captain Britain, Captain U.K., Saturnyne

Enemies: The Fury

Known Relatives: None confirmed (may have been related to other members of the Special Executive if he was a Gallifreyan "Loom born")

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile across time and interdimensional realities.

First Appearance: The Daredevils

Powers/Abilities: Martial arts skill.

History: Oxo was a member of the Special Executive. His exact origins and role within the group were not revealed before he entered into battle with the Fury alongside his teammates. The Fury judged him a nuisance/distraction, and smashed his thorax, fatally wounding him.

Comments: Created by Alan Moore and Alan Davis.

Oxo, like the rest of the Special Executive, is described as a "parahuman". This could mean he was an example of a species who filled man's evolutionary position in his home reality; however he might also have been a Gallifreyan Time Lord prototype, like many of the other Executive members.


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