Real Name: Jared Nomak

Identity/Class: Reaper vampire

Occupation: Revolutionary

Affiliations: Reapers

Enemies: The Bloodpack, Blade, Damaskinos, Whistler

Known Relatives: Eli Damaskinos (father, deceased), Nyssa (sister, deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile across Eastern Europe

First Appearance: Blade II (New Line Cinema, 2002)

Powers/Abilities: Nomak is a reaper vampire, stronger, faster and more agile than regular vampires. His heart is protected from damage by a solid wall of bone, rendering him immune to stakes and the like, though weapons that can penetrate this bone can still kill him, as can sunlight.

History: Once a "normal" vampire, Jared Nomak was mutated into a new breed, a reaper, tougher than regular undead, but also needing to prey on other vampires to survive. Blaming his father, the vampire elder statesman Damaskinos, for his condition, he became a renegade, transforming other vampires into reapers like himself (though they seem to retain less of their original minds, or perhaps he just learned to control the bloodlust which overpowers new reapers). His father sent the Bloodpack, an elite pack of killers trained to slay Blade, to instead ally with the vampire slayer and bring down this greater threat. However Nomak managed to evade them, eventually breaking into his father's stronghold to slay him; he then faced Blade in a final showdown, and in spite of his greater powers, was slain.

Comments: Played by Luke Goss


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