Real Name: Eli Damaskinos

Identity/Class: Vampire

Occupation: Elder statesman

Affiliations: The Bloodpack; Blade (uneasy ally)

Enemies: Blade, Nomak, Whistler, reapers

Known Relatives: Jared Nomak (son), Nyssa (daughter)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unidentified city

First Appearance: Blade II (New Line Cinema, 2002)

Powers/Abilities: Damaskinos presumably possessed the typical powers of an ancient vampire.

History: An elder statesman of his undead race, Damaskinos experimented to find ways of making his species stronger, but instead transformed his own son, Jared, into a creature which preyed on other vampires: a reaper. Jared fled, and began to spread his infection, so Damaskinos sent the elite Bloodpack to recruit the vampire slayer Blade, though he always intended to betray their erstwhile ally when the opportunity arose. Before his plans to enhance the vampire race came to fruition, his son broke into Damaskinos' stronghold and slew him.

Comments: Played by Thomas Kretschmann.

In the deleted scenes with commentary on the DVD they explain that Damaskinos was actually a human and turned. The glass jars behind him in the blood bath scene were his old human organs.


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