Real Name: Natalia Kassle

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Spy

Affiliations: former member of Russian Intelligence (unsure if this was KGB, GRU, etc); later and at time of death member of Danger Girl, secretly a douible-agent working for the Hammer Syndicate

Enemies: Danger Girl, Abbey Chase

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unknown - the team is active across the world, but I'm unsure where they base themselves.

First Appearance: Danger Girl Preview Exclusive #1 (Cliffhanger, an Image Comics imprint, 1997)

Powers/Abilities: A highly trained spy with knowledge of a variety of combat skills, Natalia's expertise was in the use of knives, both hand-to-hand and (especially) throwing.

History: Natalia Kassle worked for the Russian secret services prior to being recruited by Deuce to be part of the Danger Girl team. Her experience made the other women defer to her as the natural leader in the field...which was a shame really, because she was a double agent working for the neo-Nazi Hammer Syndicate, the very enemy the group had formed to fight.

When it was discovered that the Hammer were trying to gather various artifacts reputed to have mystical powers, Deuce enlisted the services of Abbey Chase, an archeologist. Natalia at first seemed to feel Abbey wasn't a worthwhile addition to the squad, but came to accept the newcomer, becoming Abbey's closest friend on the team. There was no true friendship on Natalia's side though - she had simply realised that Abbey had the requisite skills to collect the very items the Hammer sought to obtain. Once Abbey achieved this, Natalia faked her own death during a mission.

The rest of Danger Girl soon uncovered the ruse, and raced to prevent the Hammer's leader from using the ancient artifacts to gain incredible powers. Natalia and Abbey began a fight to the death, but this was interrupted when the the spirit of an Atlantean king possessed the Hammer's leader, and then proceeded to slaughter all he came across. Necessity made the two former friends work together once more, and they managed to kill him using a fighter plane. The common enemy vanquished, Natalia tried once more to murder Abbey, but the plane lurched and she fell, apparently to her death. In spite of the betrayal, Abbey made a futile attempt to save her one-time friend.

Comments: Created by J. Scott Campbell.


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