Baron Münchhausen

Real Name: Karl Friedrich Hieronymus Baron von Münchhausen

Identity/Class: "Normal" human

Occupation: (formerly) Soldier - retired cavalry captain; storyteller, adventurer

Affiliations: Bertholdt, Gustavus, Albrecht, Adolphus (servants); Cyrano de Bergerac, Jules Verne

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Active across the world

First Appearance: Baron Münchhausen's Narrative of his Marvellous Travels and Campaigns in Russia (1786) by Rudolf Erich Raspe

Powers/Abilities: As well as his tale telling, the Baron demonstrates that he can ride a cannonball through the air. The more active the Baron is, the younger he becomes.

History: Baron Münchhausen was a German adventurer who travelled across the world (and indeed beyond), having incredible adventures. Among these are journies to the moon, riding a roc, and living for a time inside a whale. Each of his servants is in someway superhuman in their own right.

Comments: Created by Rudolf Erich Raspe, based on a genuine person of the same name, who was known for dramatically embellishing his stories. The real Baron lived between 1720 and 1797, and fought in the wars between Russia and Turkey. Raspe published the first book anonymously, and over the years many others added to the chronicles of the Baron.

The Baron's adventures have been brought to the big screen a number of times.

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