Baron Tiger

Real Name: Emile De Tigres

Identity/Class: Avatar of a god

Occupation: Adventurer; former baron and exile of the city of Arkalon.

Affiliations: Matuma, Mandoor

Enemies: Dragamoor, Pirad, Wotan

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None.

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Strange Corridors

Powers/Abilities: Above average intellect - astute and cunning; superhuman strength when in beast mode, variable speed up to superhuman when in battle, superhuman stamina, agility and reflexes. Skilled fighter, mostly based on mystical abilities given to him by Matuma. Excellent hand to hand combatant. Because of Secret rune scrolls, Emile can form certain weapons with his mind. He can also mesmerize people for a limited time. He may have mental powers too, but that is yet to be established.

History: On the distant planet known as Elon we meet Emile Detigres who is about to begin a bizarre journey of passage into secret rune scrolls of power and Forgotten Gods. But Emile is unaware of this knowledge, until that fateful day, when he is dragged out of his mansion and beaten like a common criminal. This cruel event makes Emile Detigres truly one with the gods. And one in particular. Matuma. He is the totem god, of beasts and warriors, human or unhuman. With the gift of strength and fierceness, the former novice (Emile Detigres) is transform into a creature of mystical ablilities and magnificent stamina. Unbeknownst to Emile he has done exactly what his hidden enemies did not want him to do. For now he is a threat with real power. And gives a true meaning to his title Baron Tiger.

Comments: Baron Tiger was created by Winston Blakely. Thanks to Winston Blakely for sending me the image and information used on this page. he also provided a physical description for him: Height : 6ft.; Weight : 195 lbs; Eyes : brown when normal, green in beast form. The picture was drawn by Ed Mouzon and inked by Winston Blakely. Strange Corridors is published by Creative One Comics - check out the official website.


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