Mr Tomorrow

Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Unknown

Occupation: Criminal

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Philip Mander

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Active worldwide

First Appearance: Pow Annual 1971

Powers/Abilities: Able to predict whatever plans the police have to capture him. It isn't just that he has read his history books, as he is instantly aware of anything that affects his plans. He seems to know whenever anything is said or done the instant it happens (I guess as the timeline alters because of his presence he is aware of the new present as if he had read about it?) - a sort of cosmic awareness.  He doesn't know what is going to happen, he knows what is happening now, no matter where in the world it is happening. Mander figures out how this ability works, and so keeps his true plan to himself, deliberately stating a false one that Mr Tomorrow will sense and react against.

History: (Mr Tomorrow, Criminal from the Future, Pow Annual 1972) In the year 2971 a criminal is sentenced to be "cast into eternity" for his crimes. But a fluctuation in the power flow during the execution means that instead of being dispersed, he instead travels back in time, landing in the twentieth century. He uses his knowledge of future events to set about a crime spree, starting by robbing banks and then moving up to political assassinations. The authorities are powerless to stop him as he can predict their every move. He eventually issues an ultimatum to the UN to make him world leader or face the consequences. Psychiatrist Philip Mander is brought in by Interpol as an expert to help on the case and points out that no matter how much Mr Tomorrow can predict their moves, eventually he must sleep, and when he does, that is when he is vulnerable.

As soon as he says this, Mr Tomorrow knows they are planning to capture him while he sleeps, and so resolves not to. He obtains some powerful tablets from a chemist to keep himself awake, and then builds and plants a bomb at the UN. All would have gone to plan, if it wasn't for a mechanical failure that caused the device to be discovered. Sensing this, Tomorrow returned for the device and, having grabbed it, fled with the police in hot pursuit. He stole a plane from the airfield, but during the flight his body's need for rest finally caught up with him, and in spite of the pills he fell asleep, which led to a fatal crash. Just as Philip Mander had planned it; he knew that if Mr Tomorrow tried to stay awake too long, it would lead to irrational and careless behaviour and eventually end the threat he posed.

Comments: There is no sane reason why Mr Tomorrow should go back for the bomb just because it had been discovered - why not just leave it? If it is as advanced as he claims, they won't be able to defuse it. Risking his liberty to go back for something that will blow up and be destroyed anyway is senseless - but then by this point Tomorrow's reasoning is flawed due to sleep deprivation.

Thanks to Chris Adams, who informed me of the existence of this character and gave me my initial information about him.


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