Real Name: Frank Fletcher



Affiliations: Barb Wire; The Machine


Known Relatives:


Base of Operations: Steel Harbor

First Appearance: Steel Harbor: Motorhead

Powers/Abilities: Motorhead can mentally produce fires at a distance. He does not project flames from his body. Instead he may concentrate on a target that is in visual range and cause it to combust into flames. This power can be used with extreme precision. A circle of fire could be created around an opponent, or a small letter in someone's hands could be ignited. He is also telekinetic.

Motorhead's powers are sometimes dangerously unstable, and he has voices in his head. It is unknown if this later phenomenon is due to schizophrenia, or if the voices are real. Motorhead often talks with the voices (to the considerable surprise of onlookers), ask them to shut up, complain about them. He also sometimes follow their strange advice, such as driving aimlessly in the Nevada desert. Many of the voices are paranoid, a fact of which he's quite aware.

History: It is unclear how Fletcher came into contact with the Motor, or how it became a part of him. What is known is that the Motor is something of unknown, and highly ancient origins that was stolen by Septenarius, the master of the alien army called the Reaver Swarm. However, an alien scientist who became known as the Vortex stole the Motor. The scientist fled, forever pursued by the Reaver Swarm, and based most of his subsequent research on the Motor. At one point, he ended up on Earth.

Motorhead has been drifting for years; his physique generally meant he found jobs such as bouncer or construction worker. Somehow, he came into contact with the sentient computer of the Vortex's base; somehow he came in contact with the Motor; somehow, the Motor became part of him. At one point after those events happened, he became a bouncer for the Hammerhead Bar and Grille. Barb Wire, the owner of the joint, was unaware of his power level and once fired him due to his inability to show up for work for a few days (he was in conflict with some of the voices). She became fully aware of it when he single-handedly defeated the Prime Movers in order to save her.

Fletcher then started to drift a bit more. By leaving Steel Harbor, he triggered a large assault on the affluent parts of the town by the Prime Movers, who knew he wasn't there to beat them back. The situation was bad enough for the authorities to call the National Security Council, who sent Titan to end the situation in Steel Harbor. Titan beat the stuffing out of the super gangs, and attracted the enmity of the whole street culture in the town. He also started to act more and more violent and irrational. Motorhead heard about it and went back to Steel Harbor to challenge Titan. He simply explained that he would blast to rubbles in one shot the most affluent part of the town, where all the politicians lived, if Titan didn't leave the town. Titan was ordered to back down, but was irrational enough not to listen. However, the government had started to watch Titan closely as a source of trouble, and had cut a deal with Grace in Golden City; she teleported him out before he could mess with Motorhead.

Barb Wire then sent Fletcher on a vacation in order to still the voices in his head; he disappeared in the desert, following the urges of one of the voices. There, he was summoned by the Vortex, who tried to get the Motor out of Fletcher's mind. However, the Motor had gotten much stronger defenses since it had made contact with Fletcher, and the Vortex had to take cover while the Motor rocketed Fletcher outside of his base, unable to take the Motor back.

Fletcher is a drifter, unskilled laborer and loser. He doesn't do much with his dangerous powers and really, really wishes the voices would go away. He's not a hero or a villain, just a guy with little direction.



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