Barb Wire

Real Name: Barbara Rose Kopetski

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Bar owner and bounty hunter

Affiliations: The Machine; Motorhead


Known Relatives: Charlie Kopetski (brother), unidentified parents


Base of Operations: Steel Harbor

First Appearance: Steel Harbor: Barb Wire

Powers/Abilities: Able to swiftly learn any skill. Extremely capable combatant, both unarmed and with most weapons.

History: Barbara Kopetski comes from a tough family; her father was a marine and her mother a cop. And she comes from a tough city; she grew up on the mean streets of Steel Harbor. As a young girl she had a taste for excitement, loving motorcycles and fast cars, and demonstrating a natural apptitude with guns of all types. In fact Barb demonstrated a natural talent for just about everything she tried to do; driving, shooting, fighting, whatever.

As an adult she has two lines of employment. She owns the Hammerhead Bar in one of the rougher areas of town, and she works as a bounty hunter for the local bail bondsmen, hunting down anyone stupid enough to try and go on the run in her home town. She is allied with Motorhead.

Comments: Barb Wire has the dubious distinction of being the only one of Comic's Greatest World's characters to make it to the big screen, where she was played by Pamela Anderson.


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