Real Name: Morton Stone

Identity/Class: Normal human (but quite insane)

Occupation: Undertaker

Affiliations: Cryptoe, Doc Apocraphy, The Nut

Enemies: Mr.Noddy, Dark Nebula, Penelope Pump

Known Relatives: Lucinda (wife, deceased), Sophie (daughter, deceased)

Aliases: Toe Nails Clipping Killer (actually Mr.Noddy's alias, but the police mistakenly believe he was this individual)

Base of Operations: Thunderhead Cemetery, Junction City, Australia

First Appearance: Cyclone Comics Quarterly #1 (Cyclone Comics, 1992)

Powers/Abilities: Morton is insane - which isn't strictly a power, but does mean he's hard to stop once he decides to do something.

History: Morton Stone was a happily married family man, until the day his wife Lucinda and daughter Sophie were kidnapped and brutally murdered by the serial killer known as the "Toe Nails Clipping Killer". Morton, accused of the crime, had a breakdown and was committed to Cell #11, Corkscrew Asylum. The police, confident they had their man, stopped looking, leaving Morton all too aware that the real culprit was still on the loose.

Four years later the doctor's released him, believing he was cured. The police were less sure that Morton was sane and safe, and kept him under surveillance. The police had been wrong about Morton's guilt, but they were right about his sanity. Morton customised a hearse and set out with his dead and stuffed pet dog Cryptoe, looking to track down the man who murdered his family. A psychotic villain called Mr.Noddy.

Among Morton's friends is Doc Apocraphy, who is a little over two thousand years old and runs Corkscrew Asylum, in spite of also being an inmate there.

Morton's pet dog, Cryptoe.Comments: Official site. Created by Gary Chaloner. As well as appearing in Cyclone Comics Quarterly, Morton Stone has also appeared in Dark Horse Down Under, and his own mini-series Corpus Delecti. He faced an insane Dark Nebula in one of his stories, but since this doesn't tally with Dark Nebula's own history, then either we are getting into alternate universes here, or Morton imagined the whole thing (he is insane after all).

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