Dark Nebula

Real Name: Mark Medula

Identity/Class: Mutated human / supernaturally altered human

Occupation: (former) astronaut

Affiliations: Cerellus, Southern Squadron, Planet Earth, U.S.I.

Enemies: The Undertaker; Grandstander

Known Relatives: Ann (wife), Josh (son)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Australia

First Appearance: The Dynamic Dark Nebula (Graphic Novel, Helix, 1982)

Other Appearances: Cyclone Presents (1985); later Southera Aurora Presents; also Dark Nebula #1 (February 1989)

Powers/Abilities: Able to fire energy blasts from his hands. Also able to fly. Other abilities unknown.

History: Mark Medula was an astronaut who undertook a mission to Mars, the Pegasus Mission. Returning from his trip, his ship docked with the Threshold Space Statin, only to discover it had been taken over by an alien warlord, Cerellus, who had used his psionic abilities to subjugate the crew. Cerellus intended to destroy humanity, and thus make the Earth available for colonisation to the people f his own over-populated planet. He and Mark fought, and both managed to kill the other. Although Cerellus' physical form was destroyed, his consciousness survived and inhabited Mark's body. Somehow this combination of soul's resurrected Mark and gave him incredible powers...but it also left him sharing his mind with a hostile alien entity who would continually try to usurp control of his form.

Comments: Written and created by Tad Pietrzykowski and drawn by Glenn Lumsden. Tad informs me that a relaunch of Dark Nebula is in the works - details to follow as and when appropriate.

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