Real Name: Miranda

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial and extra-temporal teenager (possibly Gallifreyan)

Occupation: Ruler of the universe

Affiliations: The Doctor

Enemies: Ferran

Known Relatives: The Doctor (adoptive father), Zezanne (daughter), unidentified father (deceased)

Aliases: Miranda Dawkins, Miranda Who, the Last One

Base of Operations: The Needle

First Appearance: Father Time (BBC Books, 2000)

Powers/Abilities: Miranda, like the Doctor, has two hearts. She is stronger and fitter than a human, and is far smarter too.

History: Miranda is an orphan. The child of a tyrant who ruled much of the universe in the far future, her true parents were killed in a coup, and the infant Miranda was taken back in time to 20th century Earth. At the age of ten she first met the Doctor, shortly before hunters from her own time tracked her down and killed her adoptive parents. The Doctor, at this point in time suffering from amnesia and living amongst humanity, adopted the child, feeling a kinship towards her.

It wasn't until she was a teenager that Miranda and her new father found out the truth of her background. She returned to her own time to resume her rightful position. Now the teenage girl from the 1980's is Empress of the Universe, Commander-In-Chief of the Galactic Fleets, Custodian of the Artifacts, Mistress of the Four Keys, Head of the Galactic Bank and Absolute Ruler of the Known and Unknown Suns and Planets.

Comments: Created by Lance Parkin. The comic was published by Comeuppance Comics, who sadly never completed their tale.


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