The Mighty Ducks

Membership: Canard, Wildwing, Nosedive, Mallory McMallard, Duke l'Orange, Grin, Tanya

Purpose: To defend the Earth and Puckworld from the Saurians; to find their way home; to win hockey matches

Affiliations: Dr Huggarman, Phil Palmfeather, Captain Klegghorn, Thrash, Mook

Enemies: Dragaunus, Wraith, Siege, Chameleon, Dr Droid, B.R.A.W.N., Mondo-Man

Base of Operations: Anaheim, California, Earth;
formerly Puckworld

First Appearance: The Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series (Disney for ABC, 1996)

History: Puckworld rests in another reality from Earth. Thousands of years ago it fell under the dominion of the evil Saurians, who enslaved its inhabitants until a freedom fighter called Drake Ducaine, armed with a powerful Mask, led a successful rebellion which drove the Saurians out. In recent times however, the Saurians, led by the Overlord Dragaunus, returned to try and reclaim Puckworld; once more it fell to invasion. Things looked bleak, until a youth named Canard discovered the legendary "Mask of Ducaine"; inspired by the tales of Drake and his exploits, Canard gathered others to him: Wildwing, Nosedive, Duke, Mallory, Tanya and Grin. Together they formed an alliance to free their world. Hoping to win the battle in one go, before the Saurians became aware of the resistance, they attacked Dragaunus' main citadel; though the battle was far from one sided, against all odds, they succeeded. Dragaunus fled into the limbo between dimensions, closely pursued by Canard's team; when Dragaunus turned to fight, Canard sacrificed himself to save the others, with his dying breath passing on the Mask of Ducaine to Wildwing and charging him to protect the others. They emerged from the void to find themselves on a strange planet inhabited by apelike beings: Earth. Unable to return home, and knowing that Dragaunus was out there somewhere plotting against this new world, the group decided to make the best of things. Taking up residence in California and adopting the name "The Mighty Ducks", they became ice hockey players to pay their way, meanwhile hunting their Saurian foe and searching for a way to eventually get back to Puckworld.

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