Mighty Man

Real Name: Scott Pearson





Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Protectors #3 (Malibu, November 1992)


History: "While exploring an isolated region of northern Canada, Prof. Richard Pearson stumbled upon a hidden valley in which rested a lost city. The inhabitants were a race of giants, and only one of them survived. Pro. Pearson 'adopted' the giant youth, who stood 12 feet tall, and brought him to the United States. A colleague of Pearson's, Dr. Francis Hilldale attempted an experiment that would shrink that giant to normal size. As the result of that experiment, Scott Pearson found that he could alter his size at will, whether growing to a height of 20 feet or shrinking to the size of a doll. The last surviving member of a lost race, he is in many ways a true 'alien'. Yet of all the Protectors, he bears the greatest love for his adopted home country." - Protectors Handbook



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