Real Name: Maya

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial (Psychon)

Occupation: on Psychon Scientist; on Moonbase Alpha Science Advisor

Affiliations: Tony Verdeschi, crew of Moonbase Alpha
former Mentor

Enemies: Mentor, Dorzak, Dorcons

Known Relatives: Mentor (father, played by Brian Blessed), unnamed brother, unnamed mother (deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Moonbase Alpha, the Earth's Moon, travelling through the galaxy

First Appearance: Space 1999 Season 2, Episode 1 "The Metamorph" (ITC, 4th September 1976)

Powers/Abilities: Maya had learned the ability of "molecular transformation" from her father, which basically meant she was able to transform into animals, plants, insects. She could apparently alter her size and mass in so doing, and was able to mimic specific individuals, become a rock (organic) or do partial transformations changing only bits of her body. Maya also has an exceptional mind, and is capable of doing complex computations faster than most computers. She is a scientist, with extensive knowledge in a number of fields.

History: Maya and her father Mentor were natives of Psychon, a dying planet. From he scientist father, Maya had learned how to transform herself, metamorphosing into any creature whose molecular structure she knew. Though most of her species had fled their world as it died, Mentor refused to do so, preferring to stay near the tomb of his wife. A scientist, he hatched a scheme to use a biological computer called Psyche, fed with the minds of captured aliens, to revive his planet. When the Earth's errant satellite wandered into the proximity of Psychon, Mentor decided the crew of Moonbase Alpha as food for Psyche. Taking a liking to the humans, Maya opposed her father and lent aid to the visitors; Commander Koenig, the Moonbase's senior officer, managed to destroy the computer, but in doing so set in motion an energy release which obliterated Psychon too. Homeless, Maya joined the crew of the Moonbase on their wanderings through space.

Maya in a less attractive, but more combat-worthy, formComments: Created either by Johnny Byrne (who wrote the episode she first appeared in) or Gerry Anderson (creator and producer of the series). Played by Catherine Schell. Maya was created for the show's second season on the insistence of the show's new producer Fred Freiberger, who wanted an alien added to the cast.

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