Real Name: Mastermind





Known Relatives:


Base of Operations: Braddock Manor, England, Earth-616

First Appearance: Captain Britain Weekly

History: Mastermind is an incredibly complex computer that resides under Braddock Manor. Designed and built to Otherworld design specifications by Sir James Braddock, father of Captain Britain, Mastermind malfunctioned when an infection corrupted the organic matrix that made up the basis of his system. He murdered Sir James and his wife, and began to plot. Using his Otherworld systems, he took over one of Sir James' colleagues, and turned him into the supervillain Dr Synne, a remote operative he planned to use to kill the Braddock children. After a prolonged struggle, both Dr Synne and his controller fell in battle with Captain Britain.

Mastermind appeared to be deactivated, but it turned out he eventually recovered, and used holographic technology to fake the destruction of Braddock Manor in an airstrike. This ploy worked and for several months the computer was left alone to plan, until Captain Britain returned from a trip to Otherworld with new abilities, including heightened senses which allowed him to see through the illusions surrounding the Manor. He fought Mastermind again, and this time repaired the damage caused by the infection before reactivating him.

Jeeves, the butler persona assumed by MastermindReturned to his original directives, Mastermind worked with Britain for a long period. He took the public form of Jeeves the Butler, in actuality a solid light hologram, when visitors came to the Manor. When the RCX arrived with the Warpie children in tow, he saw the need to protect them, and began working with that organisation, much to the annoyance of Brain Braddock.

After some time both Braddock and RCX departed the Manor. Mastermind again fell foul of a malfunction, this time caused by Kang the Conqueror. He took control of Otherworld using an army of mind controlled Warpies, imprisoning and impersonating Roma, and killing many of the Captain Britain Corps. A handful of heroes, led by Captain Britain, discovered his actions and battled to defeat him. Mastermind lost again, and this time was switched off.

Powers/Abilities: Mastermind was most expert at illusions, and was able to maintain massive holograms that could hide entire buildings from all the senses. He could generate solid light holograms to carry out physical tasks. He was also able to control minds, even at great distances, and could broadcast power to them, granting them superhuman abilities.



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