(Mobile Armored Strike Kommand)

Membership: Gloria Baker, Ali Bombay, Calhoun Burns, Boris Bushkin, Clutch, Hunter, Jacques LaFleur, Julio Lopez, Magic, Megabyte, Powderkeg, Nevada Rushmore, Sticker, Striker, Brad Turner

Purpose: To fight crime.

Affiliations: Scott Trakker, T-Bob

Enemies: V.E.N.O.M. (the Vicious, Evil Network of Mayhem, led by Miles Mayhem; other operatives included Vanessa Warfield, Cliff Dagger, Sly Rax, Bruno Sheppard, Lester Sludge, Maximus "Maxie" Mayhem, Floyd Malloy, Nash Gorey)

Base of Operations: M.A.S.K. Headquarters at Boulder Hill, but active around the world

First Appearance: M.A.S.K. Episode #1 "The Deathstone" (DIC Enterprises for syndication, 30th September 1985)

History: "Illusion is the Ultimate Weapon." Matt Trakker, his brother Andy Trakker, and Miles Mayhem used to be partners. This relationship abruptly ended after they developed a number of vehicles and masks with extraordinary capabilities. Mayhem murdered Andy and made off with approximately half the masks, which he distributed among a team of criminals, creating V.E.N.O.M., the Vicious, Evil Network of Mayhem. In response, Matt gathered his own squad of agents to counter V.E.N.O.M., wherever it struck. The members of the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand would be mobilised on a mission by mission basis, with Matt choosing whichever agents and vehicles he felt were necessary to defeat the threat at hand.

Comments: The M.A.S.K. cartoon was based on a line of toys produced by Kenner (hence various characters having multiple masks and vehicles). The cartoon lasted two seasons - the first was 65 episodes, the second much shorter with only 10 episodes, based on a racing theme to tie in with a new "racing series" of M.A.S.K. toys.

  1. The Deathstone

  2. The Star Chariot

  3. The Book Of Power

  4. Highway To Terror

  5. Video VENOM

  6. Dinosaur Boy

  7. The Ultimate Weapon

  8. The Roteks

  9. The Oz Effect

  10. Death From The Sky

  11. The Magma Mole

  12. Solaria Park

  13. The Creeping Terror

  14. Assault On Liberty

  15. The Sceptre Of Rajim

  16. The Golden Goddess

  17. Mystery Of The Rings

  18. Bad Vibrations

  19. Ghost Bomb

  20. Cold Fever

  21. Mardi Gras Mystery

  22. The Secret Of Life

  23. Vanishing Point

  24. Counter-Clockwise Caper

  25. The Plant Show

  26. Secret Of The Andes

  27. Panda Power

  28. Blackout

  29. A Matter Of Gravity

  30. The Lost Riches Of Rio

  31. Deadly Blue Slime

  32. The Currency Conspiracy

  33. Caesar's Sword

  34. Peril In Paris

  35. In Dutch

  36. The Lippizaner Mystery

  37. The Sacred Rock

  38. Curse Of Solomon's Gorge

  39. Green Nightmare

  40. Eyes Of The Skull

  41. Stop Motion

  42. The Artemis Enigma

  43. The Chinese Scorpion

  44. Riddle Of The Raven Master

  45. The Spectre Of Captain Kidd

  46. The Secret Of The Stones

  47. The Lost Fleet

  48. Quest Of The Canyon

  49. Follow The Rainbow

  50. The Everglades Oddity

  51. Dragonfire

  52. The Royal Cape Caper

  53. Patchwork Puzzle

  54. Fog On Boulder Hill

  55. Plunder Of Glowworm Grotto

  56. Stone Trees

  57. Incident In Istanbul

  58. The Creeping Desert

  59. The Scarlet Empress

  60. Venice Menace

  61. Treasure Of The Nazca Plain

  62. Disappearing Act

  63. Gate Of Darkness

  64. The Manakara Giant

  65. Raiders Of The Orient Express

  66. Demolition Duel to the Death

  67. Where Eagles Dare

  68. Homeward Bound

  69. Battle of the Giants

  70. Race Against Time

  71. Challenge of the Masters

  72. For One Shining Moment

  73. High Noon

  74. The Battle for Baja

  75. Cliffhanger

D.C. Comics also produced nine issues of a tie-in comic. The adventures were reprinted in the U.K. in Fleetway's M.A.S.K. comic, which then went on to produce brand new adventures. This weekly title lasted 80 issues before merging with the second incarnation of Eagle (one of the U.K.'s more famous titles), with the M.A.S.K. strip carrying over into its new home.

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