Maroc the Mighty

Real Name: John Maroc

Identity/Class: Human armed with magical artifact

Occupation: Crusader

Affiliations: Unknown

Enemies: The Hawk

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Europe, c.13th century

First Appearance: Lion (I.P.C., 3 Oct 64 - 4 Jun 66 - with a reprint run between 3 Oct 70 - 6 Mar 71)

Powers/Abilities: Superhumanly strong so long as he is wearing the armlet and it is in the sunlight.

History: An English crusader, John Maroc, was given a strange armlet which, centuries before, had belonged to Zar, the sun warrior. It's magical powers gave Maroc the strength of a giant... but only when the sun's rays were upon it.

Comments: Maroc gradually made his way home, facing a variety of strange opponents, including the Hawk and his mysterious hawk/human hybrids.


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