Real Name: (ancient times) King Orry; (modern day) Terry Allan

Identity/Class: (Orry) Supernatural entity / demigod; (Terry) normal human

Occupation: (Orry) King and protector; (Terry) assistant to a Professor of Viking history

Affiliations: (Orry) Terry Allan); (Terry) Professor Lionel King

Enemies: (both) General Yushato (a "power-hungry dictator") and his troops.

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Isle of Man

First Appearance: Victor Annual 1972

Powers/Abilities: The helmet's stone has a gemstone in it that radiates light and can blind opponents. Both Terry and King Orry throw the axe with great accuracy and both wield the bow with deadly accuracy; no other powers are implied or shown other than King Orry being able to supernaturally appear when needed.

History: Around a thousand years ago, Orry was a King on the Isle of Man who was said to have been half god and half man, and was reputed to reappear after his death whenever his people were in trouble. In the modern day, the insane General Yushato and his evil army took over the Isle of Man, intending to use it as a stepping stone to take over Britain and then the world, only to run foul of two versions of Manxman. When Professor King and his assistant Terry locate the tomb of King Orry, inside Terry finds Orry's armor and weapons and decides to put them on and go fight the dictator's troops. The artifacts include a helmet with a glowing stone in it, armor, an axe and a bow and arrows. Later, after Terry takes the outfit off, he and the professor are attacked by the troops, only for the real Manxman to appear, kills General Yushato and save them.

Comments: Created by Ted Kearon.

Thanks to "cosmick" for informing me of this character. He notes that Manxman turned up "in a one off story I read in a Victor or Lion Annual from the late 60's." Thanks to Dennis Ray for detailed information on the character's history and the image of him.


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