La Mala Noche

Membership: Nocturna, Mandu, Sinestra

Purpose: Unknown

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Night Krew

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Unknown

History: Mala noche is the story of what happens one night in the shadow world of the supernatural. Vampires, the occult and mayhem is the norm in this strange universe. A place ruled by a bizarre cast of characters who are pulled into a young woman web of desire for unnessary revenge on a former lover.

The group know as the Night Krew must deal with an insane night of creatures and ghouls attacking them as they seek to stop a vampire lord from having her way. Nocturna, the vampire temptress will not stop until she is satisfied with completion of her hidden agenda. Along the way many characters will enter the scene and make this adventure truly a night to remember and most definitely a bad night!

Comments: Created by Luis Sierra and Garry Gamp, and published by Creative One Comics - check out the official website. Thanks to Winston Blakely for sending me the image and information used on this page.


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