Real Name: Patricia Rivera

Identity/Class: Vampire

Occupation: Former Student, Assistant Research Biochemist. Now vampire lord.

Affiliations: Manbats, the Midnight Three

Enemies: Night Krew, Mandu, Sinestra

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None.

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Little Miss Strange Graphic Novel

Powers/Abilities: Way above average intelligence, superhuman strength and speed, able to fly, superhuman stamina and agility.

History: Patricia Rivera was once a promising U.C.L.A. college student, studying and researching the behavior of a rare species of bat. Along with a group of classmates, Rivera developed a serum that they believe would cure bats of a mutating virus. On the advice of her mentor, Professor Yusuf Blood, Patricia and her friends agree to an expedition to the West Indies, for studies on living specimens. Among those accompanying her was Billy Curtis (also known as B.C.), her long time boyfriend.

During the long journey, the group decided to explore some dangerous remote caves, where the species of bats they were seeking to cure were located. The small group separated to expedite their search. However unknown to all concerned, the man they knew and trusted as Professor Yusuf Blood had a hidden agenda up his sleeve. His strange behavior was soon noticed by the team, but they dismissed their doubts in order to complete their mission. Later as Patricia and the small group of researchers arrived at what seems to be the end of the designated cave, a small tremor shook the whole area, thus dispersing the entire group.

Separated from her party, Patricia found herself alone. She groped in the dark, hopelessly, until unwittingly she stumbled upon the edge of a cliff. Her screams were heard by B.C. who rushed to the sScene. Screaming his name she fell into the jaws of the unknown abyss. Curtis made his way out of the cave to radio for help, and a search was made, but the body was not found. Billy Curtis and the remainder of the small group weare devastated by Patricia¹s accidental death.

But this was not the end for Patricia Rivera, as her new life was about to begin... a sinister one, deep within the bowels of hell.

Comments: Thanks to Winston Blakely for sending me the image of Nocturna used on this page, and for forwarding on the history above. He informs me her story will be continued in the pages of Mala Noche. She is copyright to Luis Sierra and Gary Camp, and published by Creative One Comics - check out the official website.

Winston sent me the following physical statistics for Nocturna: Height : 5ft 6 inches; Weight : 120 lbs; Eyes : brown when human, crystalline blue in vampire form.


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