Maisie's Magic Eye

Real Name: Maisie Macrae

Identity/Class: Human magic user (?)

Occupation: School girl

Affiliations: Lorna Lawton

Enemies: Nora Nagger

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: St.Matilda's School

First Appearance: Sally #1 (I.P.C., 14 June 1969 - 197?)

Powers/Abilities: While the brooch glows any instruction or comment Maisie makes must be obeyed. Initially a mind control device, it soon began to bend reality itself to make her instructions work - thus, if someone is given an order to do something impossible, like fly, they gain the ability to do so. Maisie can't control when the brooch activates - sometimes she needs it, and it isn't glowing, and other times it activates when she's not paying attention, making any casual comment potentially disastrous, especially since Maisie never seems to learn to watch what she is saying. In a couple of cases the orders caused people to teleport from one place to another, and it can physically transform people: she changes one victim into a rabbit. However, a full transformation isn't guaranteed; when she calls her friend Laura a chimp, Laura begins acting like one, but doesn't change in appearance.

The brooch also seems to almost deliberately misinterpret some comments, while obeying them in a literal sense: When Maisie tries to make Laura a better violing player by telling her she is "a wizard with a bow" she turns Laura into a pointy-capped sorcerer capable of actual magic; saying she is "a super performer with a bow" transforms Laura into Robin Hood; informing an obese girl who is guzzling down cakes that she will soon be "as fat as butter" changes the recipient into a corpulent billy-goat (a "fat butter"); telling someone that they are "out of this world" sends them to another dimension, effectively changing them into an incorporal ghost. Maisie doesn't need to speak to activate the power; if the brooch is glowing, she can apply its powers with a thought.

The brooch can even work on Maisie herself, so long as she is looking at her own reflection; thinking "strike me pink" at the wrong moment made her come out in pink blotches. Maisie sent herself back in time to ancient Rome by reciting a speech from Julius Caesar - apparently, the brooch considered "Friends, Romans, countrymen" as an instruction to relocate Maisie to where Marc Anthony should have been giving a speech to his Roman countrymen. The next line, "lend me your ears," proved unfortunate and painful for the audience.

History: Maisie Macrae was a school girl at St. Matilda's who spotted a shooting star coming down one night while walking back to school. Going to where she had seen it crash she found remnants of something she presumed to be a small meteorite scattered around, and the next day when the pieces had cooled, she took one and made it into a brooch, which glowed intermittently. She soon discovered that if she told someone to do something while the brooch was glowing, they had to obey.

Comments: None.


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