Mad Mod Witch

Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Supernatural entity

Occupation: Horror host



Known Relatives: Mordred, Mildred, Cynthia (cousins), unidentified aunt (mother of the Three Witches)

Aliases: Mad Yuppie Witch, Fashion Thing; probably Mad Flapper Witch, Mad Punk Witch (both fads she embraced at different times in her existence)

Base of Operations: The Dreaming

First Appearance: The Unexpected #108 (DC Comics, August-September 1968)



Comments: Mike McAllister informs me "The Mad Mod Witch appeared in "The Witching Hour" # 80 (May 1978)," and "she referred to Mordred as "Cousin Mordred". That would mean that Mildred and Cynthia were her cousins as well. As far as I know, how the Mad Mod Witch was related to Mildred and Mordred's mother from "The Witching Hour" # 30 was never explained." Assuming the Three Witches are her cousins (and not second cousins, or cousins once removed, etc.), then presumably their mother would be the Mad Mod Witch's aunt.


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