Lieutenant Lightning

Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Peacekeeper

Affiliations: Jack Knife (partner)

Enemies: Doctor Ice

Known Relatives: None.

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Earth, c.2250 A.D.

First Appearance: Smash Annual 1969

Powers/Abilities: Lightning can control electricity, allowing him to fire bolts of the stuff from his hands or absorb the energy of a thunder storm without injury. He also appears to be able to run at incredible speeds, and is armed with a laser and a long, flexible steel rod which can be used to restrain opponents.

History: When he was young, the boy who would become the heroic Lieutenant Lightning, was struck by lightning. "Remarkably, it didn't kill him, but filled his body with an inexhaustible supply of power to fight all things evil". As an adult in the year 2250 A.D. Lightning works for the peacekeeping Transworld Investigation Network (T.I.N.), protecting the globe from threats like Doctor Ice with the assistance of his partner, Master Sergeant Jack Knife.

("Lieutenant Lightning and the Thog Menace", Smash Annual 1969.) During a routine patrol, Lt. Lightning and his assistant, Jack Knife, spot a castle of ice that has sprung up in the middle of a desolate wilderness. In the castle, the evil Doctor Ice is preparing to conquer the world using gigantic creatures called Thogs. Dr Ice sends a Thog to battle the heroes, a battle which the good guys narrowly win. Faced by many more of the creatures and Dr. Ice's threats, the two flee to warn the rest of the world.

Dr Ice releases an armada of space capsules carrying the Thogs, but Lt Lightning shoots down all but one of them. That last lands in London, where the two Thogs within rampage. The hero manages to block Dr Ice's control signals, leaving them directionless, and then burns them to ashes using a massive lightning bolt. Returning to the castle to confront Dr Ice, the heroes find him and his castle melted and no longer a threat.

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