Captain Krunch

Real Name: Steve Crisp

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Unknown

Affiliations: Aliens from Harmon.

Enemies: Cat-people

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Free comic given away by United Biscuits (1977)

Powers/Abilities: Unknown

History: Steve Crisp was granted "Psika Force" by aliens from the planet Harmon, transforming him into Captain Krunch. His abilities were powered by gold.

Comments: A promotional character.

Thanks to Richard Graham who got in touch to say Captain Krunch also appeared on a promotional LP (vinyl 33 1/3 rpm, gatefold sleeve with a boardgame printed on it) in the late 70's. It was a mixture of voice-acting, music, and wicked sound-effects. Among his enemies were the 'cat-people'

Andrew Melling, who owns a copy of the LP, kindly typed out some of the sleeve notes, which defined a number of words unique to the production.


Auto-void n. - Krunch Klipper's automatic missile avoidance system.

Astro-Transportation n. - Facility known only to the Harmons allowing them to transport themselves or others by pure thought processes. Hence astro-beam, power emitted during that process.

Blat-Beam n. - Hostile Xygon armament: produces intensified bursts of white hot energy capable of dissolving all molecular structures in its ray path.

Dimension barrier n. - Harmon capacity to influence time and space: so the barrier can be used to protect themselves, or project hostiles into alien realms created outside the barriers.

Harmon - Peace loving planet belonging to the galaxy Tzeh-Metah. Hence Harmons inhabitants of that planet.

Pleiades - Close group of small stars in the constellation Taurus, commonly spoken of as seven, though only six are visible to the average naked eye.

Semimores - Gigantic slave race drawn from the planets Zoth, Moth, Nakitah and Zimiter.

Sibians - Tiny catlike technicians from the planet Sibis, known only to Earth as tiny star hundreds of light years beyond the seventh star of the Pleiades.

Xorn - Gold - Highly prized by the Xygons as a defensive device, negates Harmon powers.

Xygons - Beings from the aggressive planet Xygon. Notable is their characteristic of unconscious telepathy, they transmit their thoughts freely, but cannot screen them from Harmons or receive each others. Only Xorn found in minute quantities on their planet has the power to blanket their thoughts from the minds of the Harmons.


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