Professor Krait

Real Name: Professor ? Krait

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Biologist, criminal

Affiliations: one of the Masters of Menace (with Ezra Creech)

Enemies: Mark Bowen, Chief Inspector Manning, Don Redding, Nick Dexter

Known Relatives: None.

Aliases: The Snake.

Base of Operations: U.K.

First Appearance: Lion

Powers/Abilities: By drinking the potion Krait was able to turn into a reptilian being known as the Snake. While in that form he could control any reptile. I'm not sure if he had other powers, though it seems likely. He also used a derivative of cobra venom to render humans suggestive.

History: Professor Krait was a famous biologist who gained the ability to transform himself into a reptilian being known as the Snake by imbibing a secret potion. The transformation would eventually wear off, so Krait was always vulnerable if he did not keep sufficient supply of his fomula around. Like all good mastervillains he planned to take over the world. He was opposed by his former assistant Mark Bowen and Chief Inspector Manning.

His initial plans for world conquest were thwarted, and it appeared that he drowned in the Thames. But he survived, washed away by the tides only to be rescued by two young boys, Don and Nick. The two lads took the injured man back to the home of their friend Timms, with whom they were spending their holidays. And so they set in motion a deadly chain. For Krait recognised their names as the people who had not long past defeated another would-be world beater, Ezra Creech, which gave him the inspiration to seek out that man to form a deadly alliance as the Masters of Menace.

Krait in human formComments: First appeared in the strip 'The Shadow of the Snake', before teaming up with Ezra Creech in 'Masters of Menace'.

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