Real Name: Julius Mullarkey

Identity/Class: Human / animal hybrid, genetically engineered

Occupation: Assassin

Affiliations: Motormouth (partner); (formerly) Dr.Oona Mularkey (creator), Mys-Tech (former employers)

Enemies: Mys-Tech

Known Relatives: Dr.Oona Mularkey (mother, kind of)

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the multiverse

First Appearance: Motormouth and Killpower; Overkill, Dark Guard, Death's Head vs.Killpower, Incredible Hulk #408/409, Mys-Tech Wars, Battletide (Marvel U.K.)

Powers/Abilities: Killpower's full range and extent powers remains unrevealed, but he has exhibited superhumanly enhanced strength, invulnerability, and agility. He's also a master of weaponry, with an inborn mystic understanding of how they operate.

History: Killpower was genetically constructed from a DNA mixture of humans, rhinos, lions, bats and aliens. His "mother," Dr. Oona Mularkey, bred him to use as an enforcer for Mys-Tech. He had his growth artificially accelerated; even though he looks like he's about 20, chronologically, he's about 4. Initially he was sent to kill Motormouth, but she ended up befriending him and the two together became friends. Motormouth also showed Killpower how evil Mys-Tech was.

Comments: Thanks to "Mr.Quamp" for the corrected origin information on Killpower.


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