Real Name: Katsu

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Sontaran)

Occupation: Warrior, Searcher for the “Ultimate Weapon”

Affiliations: None shown (but presumably part of the "glorious Sontaran Army"

Enemies: Levanaxus, Natives of Aleph 777, Omegan Green Plague, Unnamed Sontaran rival

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: His star ship

First Appearance: "The Final Quest", Doctor Who Weekly #8

Powers/Abilities: Typical Sontaran traits - superhuman strength, endurance

Weaknesses: Typical Sontaran weaknesses, needs to feed off of pure energy on a regular basis

History: (Doctor Who Weekly #8, fb) - Katsu was a ruthless warrior, priding himself in his victories, until the day he fought the alien creature Levanaxus on the dead-world Keth. Levanaxus emerged victorious in combat, and Katsu fled, running to his ship and disintegrating the creature from a safe distance.

(Doctor Who Weekly #8) - Humiliated, Katsu devoted his every waking hour to searching for the ultimate weapon, one which would assure his invincibility and allow him to once again sleep in peace. To that end, he traveled to he peaceful world Aleph 777, which was purported to owe its peace and tranquility to possession of the ultimate weapon. Towering over the diminutive natives, Katsu tried to force them to give him the weapon, but they refused, saying that he wasn’t a “Great enough threat” to risk the lives of everyone on the planet. Then he noticed a small ship flying away, carrying his elusive goal, and went off in hot pursuit. The rusty old craft couldn’t make it far, only to a small, uninhabited planet in the same system, Omega 666. Katsu caught the pilot trying to hide the small, screw-top canister, and, despite his pleading, opened it, revealing a strange green sludge. The man then revealed the trap: the weapon was the Omegan Green Plague, a terrible disease, and he had deliberately led Katsu to that uninhabited world, hoping he’d open it, where only the two of them would suffer. As the green slime began to devour them, the man asked “Well Katsu? Should not a Sontaran warrior smile as he faces death?”

Comments: Lets hope that it was a fast acting plague, or else Katsu could get back to his ship, fly right back to Aleph 777, and spread the infection just to spite them…

I assume the natives possess more than one vial of Omegan Green Plague.

Profile by Darc_Light


A strange, multi-tentacled being of tremendous size, Katsu had fought it on Keth and lost, only to return and, in a most cowardly fashion, kill it from the safety of his ship. It was obviously not just a mindless monster, as it carried numerous weapons and used them quite efficiently.

The Natives of Aleph 777:

A peaceful, tiny people, human-like in appearance, they felt safe in their possession of the ultimate weapon. They live in small, thatched villages and appear on par with earth’s England of the Middle Ages.

Unnamed Sontaran:

Katsu fought and killed him at some point, kicking him from a cliff as he begged for mercy.


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