John Stone

Real Name: John Stone

Identity/Class: Human mutant (possible century baby)

Occupation: Freelance secret agent (formerly a member S.T.O.R.M. Watch, leader of the Unreal Sanction Force, and a member of the OSS)

Affiliations: Planetary

Enemies: The Four, Anna Hark

Known Relatives: None.

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Planetary #11

Powers/Abilities: John Stone ages very slowly and is a master of all things covert.

History: We know for a fact that John Stone was operating as a government agent in 1959 (the mysterious Nautilus affair) but in all probability that wasn't his first mission. John Stone first ran across Elijah Snow in 1969, while working for S.T.O.R.M.Watch (an apparent precursor to the Stormwatch we know) to stop a Bond Villain-style terrorist called the Bride. With Elijah's help John managed to kill the Bride and since then the two have apparently been fast friends.

As testament to John Stone's covert capabilities we have next to no idea what he did in the 30+ years after his first meeting with Elijah, but we know he aged around 5 years and entered the employ of Anna Hark. Recently John was contacted by Elijah Snow to give him new insight into The Four and a meeting with their William Leather. During their meeting John Stone apparently triggered the return of a great deal of Elijah's memories. His good deed done John quietly disappeared for a few months.

When John next resurfaced it was to provide Elijah with important information about an unknown spacecraft that had been circling the earth for 150 years. John has apparently declared himself an ally of Planetary, though he only seems to show up occasionally.

John Stone is still very active in the intelligence community, but because of his severely retarded aging the various agencies are somewhat scared of him and he is now a freelance whatever-he-is.

Comments: Created by Warren Ellis.

John is the Planetary universe's version of James Bond (with a touch of Nick Fury thrown in for good measure) and is quite probably a century baby (but we don't know for sure).

Profile provided by "Cadmus".

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