Joe Pi

Real Name: Joe Pi

Identity/Class: Robot

Occupation: Police officer

Affiliations: partner of Irma Geddon

Enemies: various criminals

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Precinct Ten, Neopolis

First Appearance: Top Ten (America's Best Comics)

History: Originally a police officer in Turingville on Parallel Nine, Joe Pi transferred to Top Ten as a replacement for the recently deceased Girl One. Initially he received a lot of resistance from his fellow officers, both because he was taking the place of a dead colleague, and because of anti-robot prejudice, but as time passed he managed to win their approval, showing himself able to creatively bend the robotic laws to allow him to do his job efficiently - when standing outside the fortress of a pedophile with a huge lifespan for whom the jail sentence might be relatively short, he "accidentally" broke his recording equipment so that Irma could vent on the possibility of killing the guy. Later he managed to talk the subject into committing suicide thanks to the info he had on his fortress, after making sure Asimov's laws (generally against harm on humans) weren't a part of the city's laws.

Powers/Abilities: Joe has a number of abilities related to his robotic nature. He's presumably superhumanly strong and durable. He's able to remove his head from his torso and still keep talking (as he did in order to entertain Irma's kids, who were used to Sung Li's tricks); he's able to check data such as criminal profiles and info on agents instantly even while in the middle of a mission; he's also able to silently contact the precinct to call for an ambulance

Comments: Created by Alan Moore and Gene Ha.

Thanks to Luis Coelho for additional information.


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