Real Name: Jaguara

Identity/Class: Normal human, magic user

Occupation: Indian tribe leader, warrior

Affiliations: Tendyberaba, Ikan, Pindobuçu, Tupã

Enemies: Saci-Aíba, Kurupira, Jurupari

Known Relatives: Aguaratã ( father, deceased )

Base of Operations: Amazon, Brazil

First Appearance: Jaguara - Guerreira e Soberana ( 2005 )

Powers/Abilities: Very skilled and agile warrior. She's the one who can control the Lance of Tupã.

History: Jaguara is the leader of the Krenakores, a native tribe in the Jaguaretama, a secret place hidden in the Amazon forest. After the death of Aguaratã, her father, she was made the new leader and Tupã, a local god, gave her the Lance of Tupã, a very powerful weapon which can be controlled only by Jaguara.

Comments: Created by Altemar Domingos.

Profile by Rafael Ehmke. Thanks to Fernando de Paula for additional images.

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