Real Name: Unrevealed - his real name is never given

Identity/Class: Human magic user

Occupation: Crimefighter, former Captain of Pharaoh Rameses' Royal Cavalry

Affiliations: Ned Stoker

Enemies: Jasper Shackleton, Jabez van Zatt, Black Avenger, Skin Men, Badger

Known Relatives: Unidentified father (deceased)

Aliases: Mark Dangerfield

Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Jag #1-47 (I.P.C., 4 May 1968 - 29 March 69)

Powers/Abilities: The teachings on the sacred scrolls taught the Indestructible Man a number of superhuman tricks. All of these tricks would drain him however, and overuse would cause him to prematurely age, which could be fatal if he did not swiftly immerse himself in flame.

As well as longevity and the obvious immunity to fire, Mark was:

superstrong - enough to lift a solid gold sarcophagus with ease, or to support a bridge while a train passed overhead;

able to absorb information at an incredible rate (he learned three languages and several thousand years of history overnight - he was also able to magically crack complex codes).

Gunfire didn't bother him in the least (in at least one case the bullets pass through him), although he was still hurt by gas, poisoned darts (at least while invisible), bumping his head on rocks, and being crushed by a giant Anaconda.

He was able to turn invisible once every twenty four hours "for the space of one hundred breaths". It is implied that he lost some of his invulnerability while invisible, as on a couple of occasions he seemed to be more affected by threats while in this state. His invisibility does not extend to electromagnetic rays, as at least one opponent located him that way.

He was capable of a number of feats of transformation - he turned both base metals and stone to gold, and gold into lead, he could make steel crumble and turn bricks back into soft clay. He even transforms himself and his servant Ned into a burning stream of energy in order to escape one trap, although it tires him so much to do so that he has to go into a restorative coma for three days afterwards.

He was able to fire "a strange, stunning force" from his fingertips, which can melt metal, write messages in fiery letters or render a man unconscious.

He could render himself insubstantial (a lorry drives through him), or harden his hands to the strength of steel.

He could hypnotise people with a glance, and is able to summon people telepathically (or at least those he has hypnotised). This hypnotism or something like it appears to extend to animals -  at one point he demonstrates eye beams that cause "instant rigidity" in them.

His senses were inhumanly acute - he can hear noises in the ultrasonic range.

He could levitate himself and others he touched ("feather light stiffness") although he could not control where the wind would then take him.

He could heal the injuries of others with a touch.

He could run with incredible speed.

And he could increase his body temperature "one thousand fold", radiating heat to melt bindings.

History: Ancient Egypt - the reign of Pharoah Rameses the Second. The Captain of the Royal Guard returns from a mission for his master, only to discover his father, the High Priest of Osiris, has been murdered by Copher, the evil High Priest of Anubis. Framed for the killing, he is sealed in his father's tomb inside the great pyramid of Osiris, buried alive with the man he was accused of slaying. Among his father's possessions, now entombed with him, he discovers scrolls written by his late parent. As he reads them he finds that "The scrolls contain the secret of how a young man may live forever...make himself invisible...turn base metal into gold, and perform many other miracles!" He memorises the scrolls and then finding an empty sarcophagus, he sleeps "the sleep of living death".

In 1968 a team of archaeologists led by Professor Abercrombie arrive at the Pyramid to investigate it's mysteries. They discover the young Captain, perfectly preserved, and send him, along with his father's mummy case, to the British Museum aboard the SS Trojan Castle. The ship is hijacked by thieves looking to loot the treasures onboard, and this finally awakens the sleeping Egyptian. He thwarts the hijackers, drops his father's golden sarcophagus overboard (so that he will not be disturbed further) and destroys the scrolls so that no other may learn the secrets. When the ship reaches England he slips off the ship. Breaking into the British Museum, overnight he uses a secret method to learn three modern languages (one being English presumably) and the history of the world since his entombment (including the fact that twenty years after his imprisonment that he was exonerated and the true villain exposed.

Adopting the identity of Mark Dangerfield, he uses his ability to create gold to buy "Shadow House", an old mansion near Cursiter Fields, and has it modified to his needs. One of those needs is permanently burning gas powered flame jet in the basement, as "from time to time the immortality will leave you without warning... then you must renew yourself in flame!" The first time this happens, his renewal is witnessed by a local tramp, Big Ned Stoker. Hypnotising Ned to forget what he has witnessed, he then hires the man to be his servant. Feeling himself ready now, he sets off "to begin the job fate has given me", battling evil men around the globe.

Comments: Among the villains Dangerfield battles in his short run are:

During his battles with the Black Avenger he is forced to enlist the help of Ned, and thereafter his servant accompanies him as a faithful companion on his adventures.

Other sleeping Egyptians who awoke in the modern era include Kid Pharaoh.


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