Human Bomb

Real Name: Roy Lincoln

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Chemist

Affiliations: Hustace Throckmorton (science partner and sidekick), the Bombadiers, Jean Caldwell (fiancee)

Enemies: Black Vanguards, Mr. Chameleon, Patcheye the Perilous, Herman Stingmayer, Three Mosquitos, Yarboe

Known Relatives: Professor B.Lincoln (father, deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Police Comics #1 (Quality Comics, August 1941)

Powers/Abilities: The Human Bomb can cause things to explode by touching them with his bare hands. He is immune to the effects of these explosions, as well as small projectiles such as bullets.

History: Chemist Roy Lincoln was working alongside his father in developing a super-explosive they called 27-QRX. Foreign agents broke into their laboratory intending to steal the formula, killing Roy's father, and in order to prevent it falling into the wrong hands, Roy swallowed the capsule containing the 27-QRX. This caused a transformation in the scientist, whose body (and eventually just his hands) began to glow even as he battled the invaders; the enemy agents quickly found to their cost that Roy could now cause things to explode simply by touching them.

Afterwards Roy designed gloves which allowed him to contain his new power, and a costume to go with them, becoming the crimefighting Human Bomb. He worked alongside Hustace Throckmorton, who had a similar explosive power centred in his feet (gained through a lifesaving blood transfusion Roy gave him), and the teenage trio known as the Bombadiers. Towards the end of his recorded career, he ditched the white body stocking for a green business suit, fedora and leather gloves.

Comments: Created by Paul Gustavson.

Originally Roy's gloves were made of asbestos, but years later this was retconned to be "fibro-wax" when the public became aware of the dangers of asbestos. Similarly I've seen the formula he took being designated "27-QRX", "QRX-27" and plain old "X-24"; lacking the original story he appeared in, I can't say for certain which one was used there.

The Human Bomb ran through Police Comics #1 and #58. After D.C. bought the Quality characters, Roy was revived as part of the Freedom Fighters on Earth-X in Justice League of America #107. For a time the D.C. version's entire body was explosive, but he later gained a way to control the ability. This incarnation recently died in Infinite Crisis #1, beaten to death by Superman's foe, Bizarro.

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