Honoré Lechasseur

Real Name: Honoré Lechasseur

Identity/Class: Human with some psi powers

Occupation: Detective, former soldier, black marketeer.

Affiliations: Emily Blandish, the Doctor (unspecified incarnation, probably a future one); formerly US Army

Enemies: Nazis, Fendahl

Known Relatives: Unidentified mother (deceased), unidentified grandmother

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Shoreditch, London, circa 1949; formerly New Orleans, USA

First Appearance: Cabinet of Light (Telos Publishing, 2003)

Powers/Abilities: Time-sensitive, able to see other people's pasts and futures.

History: Honoré Lechasseur came to Europe as a US Army, soldier during the Second World War. During the liberation of France, his platoon became separated from the main body of the army, and wandered across the border into Belgium, where they took refuge in a farmhouse recently abandoned by fleeing German troops. However one of the Americans triggered a boobytrap left behind by the Nazis, blowing the farmhouse up. One of the survivors, Honoré was told by medics he would never walk again, and was evacuated to an English hospital. Despite the doctors' expectations, he eventually regained the use of his legs, but also discovered that he had developed the ability to perceive flashes of people's past and futures, perhaps a side effect of the psychological trauma. Discharged, he made a home in Shoreditch, London, and became involved in the black market. In 1949 he was hired to find a man called the Doctor, an investigation that led him to meet the amnesiac Emily Blandish and brought him into conflict with a Nazi cult trying to steal the "Cabinet of Light" (which proved to be the Doctor's misplaced TARDIS). Afterwards Honoré stayed friends, and the pair soon found themselves involved in a series of adventures against outre foes such as a time travelling cult and the malevolent Fendahl.

Comments: Created by Daniel O'Mahony.


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