Jack Hawksmoor, the God of Cities

Real Name: Jack Hawksmoor

Identity/Class: Mutated human




Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Stormwatch

Powers/Abilities: Jack is the "God of Cities". As the scientists who studied him said "As far as we understand, Jack can draw incredible powers from this and any other city. He eats pollution, talks to buildings and is virtually indestructible."

His most obvious abilities in combat are incredible agility and strength (he tends to dismember opponents when he hits them without even trying). He can also merge into concrete, walking through walls and floors as if they weren't there.

When not using the Carrier's teleport door, Hawksmoor can transport himself between cities by the use of a "Transit Womb". The destination city grows a large concrete blister over the course of several hours, after which time it cracks open and Hawksmoor emerges.

Hawksmoor is now unable to survive for any length of time outside large urban areas, suffering a progressive systemic breakdown until he is relocated to a city.

History: From the age of five, Jack Hawksmoor was regularly pulled out of time to be operated on by future-terrestrials, and then returned the moment he left. He would undergo over a thousand operations, his internal organs being extracted and replaced with new ones, until there was almost nothing left inside him that could be considered human. All this was done to prepare him as Earth's defender from a threat that had wiped out all living beings in the 70th century, and was now travelling back in time to do the same at the dawn of time (stopping off in 1976 to catch it's breath). Jack, in spite of the trauma of what had been done to him, achieved this goal, taking on the threat (Kansas City as it turned out, now sentient and hostile) by using Tokyo as a gigantic living battlesuit.

Years later Jenny Sparks recruited Jack to join the Authority.

Comments: Additional information on Jack's powers provided by Chris "Doc TOC" Halliday.


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