Harry Sullivan

Real Name: Harry Sullivan

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Deputy Director of MI5, former Royal Naval Surgeon, seconded to U.N.I.T.

Affiliations: Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, Royal Navy, the Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith, Peri Brown

Enemies: Cybermen, Daleks, Davros, Dr. Kellman, Prof. Kettlewell, the Robot, Vorus, Zygons

Known Relatives: Will Sullivan (brother, deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Great Britain

First Appearance: (mentioned) Planet of the Spiders episode 2, Doctor Who (BBC 1, May 11th 1974); (seen) Robot, Doctor Who (BBC 1, December 28th 1974)

Powers/Abilities: Harry Sullivan possesses keen knowledge of various forms of medicine.

History (The Face of the Enemy)

(Planet of the Spiders)


(The Ark In Space)-Harry accompanied the Doctor and Sarah Jane for a “Short trip to the moon and back” only to find himself thousands of years in the future, aboard a giant “Space Ark”. The Ark carried the cryogenically sleeping survivors of a great catastrophe, involving solar flares, that had wiped life from the surface of the Earth. Sarah Jane was accidentally frozen, and the sleepers began to awake, only to realize that one of their number was missing. The immediately blamed the Doctor and Harry, but the true culprit was a Wirrn Queen who had snuck aboard, infecting a sleeper with her egg before she was killed by the Ark’s automated defense systems. The Wirrn then infected Noah, leader of the expedition, and began their plans to assimilate the remainder of humanity, as revenge against humanity. Human colonists, who had left earth before the solar flares, had wantonly destroyed the Wirrn's breeding colonies, and their herds of host cattle, putting their very race in danger. Harry aided the Doctor in reviving Sarah Jane and battling the Wirrn, before Noah led the Wirrn off station, and destroyed the escape shuttle, killing himself and all Wirrn aboard. The Doctor and companions then left to test the Transmat system, in preparation for the people on the Ark to disembark.

(The Sontaran Experiment)- Harry, the Doctor and Sarah Jane materialized in a barren field, at what was once the heart of London. Taking a look around Trafalgar Square (or, at least, what once was Trafalgar Square) Harry fell down a ancient sewer ditch, and was knocked unconscious, leaving Sarah to go and get help. A stranded space ship crew, who believed the Doctor to be the force behind the mysterious deaths of their friends, captured the Time Lord, and threatened to kill him. Harry regained consciousness and crawled through the old sewage tunnels, finding himself near a massive outcropping of rock. Investigating, he discovered a man dying of thirst - a man who had been deliberately chained up and left to die of thirst! Harry tried to help the man, but was too late. Sontaran Field Major Styre emerged, coldly noting the exact time and means of the human’s death, as part of his mission to find humanity’s weaknesses in preparation for his invasion fleet. Harry was about to attack the alien when the Doctor stopped him, and the two found Sarah Jane, who was also a captive, and freed her. Harry was horrified as Styre apparently killed the Doctor while he and Sarah Jane escaped, but the Sontaran’s blast had only struck a metal plate the Doctor had left in his pocket from the Ark. The Doctor instructed Harry to sneak aboard Styre’s ship while he distracted him, and re-arrange some tech. That tech happened to be the device Styre needed to supply the energy he fed off, and, when worn from battle with the Doctor, the Sontaran attempted to replenish his energy, it “fed off him” as the Doctor put it. Styre’s body shriveled away like an old glove. After saying their goodbyes to the surviving humans, the travellers stepped back into the Transmat, to return to the Ark, and the Tardis.

(The Genesis of the Daleks)-The Time Lords diverted the Transmat beam to planet Skaro, birthplace of the Daleks, and ordered the Doctor to either prevent their creation or alter them so they would not be so powerful a force of evil. The Kaleds, the Nazi-esque forebears of the Daleks, quickly captured the Doctor and Harry, while Sarah Jane was taken by the Thals, the sworn enemies of the Kaleds in a war that had lasted over a millennia. Harry and the Doctor were about to be killed by the Kaled Chief Scientist Davros’ new invention, the Dalek, when a scientist named Ronson intervened, saying he needed more time to learn from them. Ronson then helped Harry and the Doctor escape, to rescue Sarah Jane. They posed as Kaled guards to free Sarah, but the Thals captured the Doctor. Davros aided the Thals in wiping out his own race, by giving them a way to penetrate the Kaled city’s protective dome with their missiles, in order to avoid the Dalek program being shut down. Davros then blamed and executed Ronson for the treacherous act, and sent his Daleks to slaughter the Thals. Harry and Sarah ran into a group of Mutos (mutant Kaled outcasts), who delayed them from reaching the city before it was destroyed. When the Doctor escaped the slaughter in the Thal city and caught up to them, they snuck into Davros’ underground bunker, only to be captured by Davros and his aide, Nyder. Harry and Sarah were tortured by Davros to force the Doctor to reveal all of Dalek future history, so that he could program his creations with this knowledge and allow them to avoid their future defeats. The travellers escaped thanks to a group of rebellious Kaled elite who opposed Davros’ mad dream. They joined forces with the scientists who opposed Davros, and watched as they delivered an ultimatum to Davros - give the Daleks a conscience, or destroy them. Harry noticed Nyder leaving the meeting and they followed and captured him. As they forced Nyder to retrieve the tape of the Doctor’s future knowledge from Davros’ safe, Nyder escaped, and locked them in, while elsewhere Davros’ Daleks slaughtered his opponents. Harry and Sarah escaped and fled as the Thal survivors moved to blow up the entrance to the bunker, but the Doctor had to go back in, having dropped the Time Ring which the Time Lords had given them to take them home. The Doctor barely escaped as the Thals blew up the entrance to the bunker, and the Daleks turned on Davros, seemingly killing him.

(A Device of Death)

(Revenge of the Cybermen)-The Time Ring brought the travelers back to the station, but thousands of years before the solar flares, while it was merely Nova Beacon, a “Lighthouse” to warn passing ships away from the newest heavenly body in the solar system, a small planet called Voga. Nova Beacon was in the grips of a terrible plague, which had killed 47 of the 50-man crew, but the Doctor quickly deduced that it was really a poison, delivered via Cybermats, tiny, metal trilobite-like cyborgs used by the Cybermen. After Sarah Jane was bitten, Harry took her to the Transmat, the only way to remove the poison from her body, and traveled to Voga. Sarah was cured, but they were promptly captured by the Vogans, and taken to Vorus, leader of the Guardians. Vorus had orchestrated the “plague” with a human civilian on Nova Beacon named Kellman, in order to lure the Vogan’s ancient enemies, Cybermen, to the beacon, where his Skystriker rocket would destroy them (Kellmen was in it for money.). The Cybermen, however, arrived early, and planted Cyber-Bombs on the Doctor and the two surviving humans (Kellman had left to warn Vorus) in order to blow Voga apart (fragmentize it, as the Cyberleader put it) as Voga was made almost entirely of the one thing that was poison to them: Gold. Vorus ordered Harry and Sarah Jane executed, so that they would not reveal his plot, but they escaped, and were rescued by the Vogan ruler Tyrum. As a civil war broke out between Vorus’ Guardians and Tyrum’s army, the Cybermen arrived, along with the bomb-laden Doctor and crewmen from the beacon. The Cybermen slaughtered the Vogan army, and Sarah, thinking the Doctor still on the beacon, returned to warn him, as Harry and Kellman tried to reach the center of Voga before the Cybermen could detonate their bombs. Harry inadvertently caused a landslide, killing Kellman and knocking the Doctor unconscious. When he awoke, the Doctor loudly proclaimed, “Harry Sullivan is an Imbecile!” After gathering gold dust to battle the Cyberman, Harry, the Doctor and Warner, one of the crewmen, made a failed attempt to poison the monsters. When that failed, Warner sacrificed himself, detonating his bomb to kill the aliens. Harry, the Doctor and the surviving crewman came to Vorus’ chamber, and convinced him to wait 10 minutes before firing his rocket, so that the Doctor could rescue Sarah Jane. As the Cybermen deflected the beacon onto a collision course with Voga, Vorus panicked, and fired his rocket early, only to be shot dead by Tyrum. The rocket was averted into the Cybermen’s ship, and the Doctor managed to save the beacon. As Harry returned, the Tardis had caught up with them in time, and they left, after receiving an urgent message from the Brigadier.

(Black Destiny)


(Terror of the Zygons)- The travellers arrived in Tulloch Moor, Scotland, where some mysterious force had been destroying oilrigs and slaughtering the crews. Harry was shot when attempted to help a crewman who’d managed to survive, and was taken to the oil company hospital. His nurse, Sister Lamont, transformed into an alien Zygon and kidnapped him. Harry was taken to the Zygon ship and shown their ultimate weapon, an invincible cyborg called a Skarasen (also known as the Loch Ness Monster). He was then placed in a machine, which allowed a Zygon to replicate his “Body Print” as they had Sister Lamont and others. As Harry, the Zygon attempted to retrieve a device the Doctor had recovered, only to be chased off by Sarah Jane Smith. The alien attempted to kill her, but fell from a hayloft and died, reverting to his natural form before his body was dispersed from afar. On his Doppelganger’s death, Harry was freed from the machine, and was able to distract the Zygons long enough to save the Doctor from the Skarasen, before he was knocked unconscious and placed in a cell. Harry was freed when Sarah accidentally found the entrance to the Zygon’s ship in the home of the Duke of Forgill, actually the Zygon leader, Broton. As they fled, Broton captured the Doctor, and the ship left Loch Ness, heading for London. After it landed, The Doctor managed to free Sister Lamont, the Duke, and the Duke’s servant, the Caber, and destroy the ship, but Broton escaped, and prepared to have the Skarasen attack a global energy conference (An attack which was somehow supposed to throw the world into chaos) Harry, Sarah and the Doctor arrived and battled Broton, who was shot dead by the Brigadier, and the Doctor threw the homing device Broton had planted to lure the Skarasen into the creature’s jaws, freeing it to return and live it’s life peacefully in Loch Ness. When the returned to the Tardis, Harry had been through enough adventure, and turned down the Doctor’s offer to arrive back in London five minutes before they’d left.

(The Android Invasion)

(Harry Sullivan's War)

(The Rebel's Gamble)

(System Shock)

(Millennium Shock)

(Damaged Goods)

(UNIT: The Wasting)

Comments: Portrayed by Ian Marter.

Profile by Darc_Light.


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