Fargo Kid

Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Rancher

Affiliations: "Pop" Mason

Enemies: "Frog" Bence

Known Relatives: Unnamed parents (both deceased), "Pop" Mason (foster father), unnamed wife

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Fargo City, c.1870s

First Appearance: Two-Gun Western #7 (Atlas, April 1951)

Powers/Abilities: Skilled gunman, particularly fast crossdraw expert. Good rider.

History: When his parents were killed by an Apache war band while travelling to Fargo City, the child who would become known as the Fargo Kid was raised by "Pop" Mason. As he grew he gained a reputation as a gunslinger, but this only worsened the townsfolk's opinion of him, who judged him wild and sure to get into trouble, especially after he shot a shot a cowboy who was threatening Pop. When the criminal "Frog" Bence tried to rob Pop's store, his compatriot assaulted Pop, prompting Kid to intervene. The man moved to draw his gun and shoot the interloper, but Kid easily outdrew him and gunned him down. Bence fled, issuing a departing warning that the townsfolk would gang up on the Kid. Sure enough, the first witness on the scene jumped to the conclusion that the Kid had attacked Pop, and the Kid fled, wrongly believing Pop was dead and certain he had no chance of a fair trial. After several hours hard riding to evade any pursuers, he stumbled across a campsite, but it proved to be Frog Benson's gang. Outnumbered, he was coerced into accompanying them as they robbed the Booneville bank, but the law was waiting for the gang as they emerged, and opened fire from all sides. Wounded, the Kid managed to escape by jumping on the nearest horse, but he had been recognised, and was branded an outlaw. Fleeing into Mexico, he discovered he had unwittingly picked the horse whose saddlebags contained the money from the hold-up, all brand new bills. Despite his fugitive status, the Kid managed to reinvent himself, marrying and settling down together on a small ranch, and he also learned that Pop was alive and well. Four years later he read in the papers that Pop was running for office...against Frog! Having evaded capture and kept his criminal wrongdoings secret from the public, he had reinvented himself as a big-time politician, and was fully expected to crush his opponent. Sure Pop was in more than just political danger, Fargo Kid headed back to his old home town, where he was soon confronted by Frog, who hoped to retrieve the bank money for himself, then kill the Kid to ensure he didn't reveal Frog's criminal past. Instead the Kid got the drop on Frog, and, after wounding him, revealed he had all the stolen money in his saddlebags. He had never spent it, and now dropped the cash next to Frog, mentioning that he had heard the bank had a note of all the serial numbers, which meant that when the sheriff found Frog with it, it would be enough evidence to get him sent to prison. Hearing the sheriff approaching, Fargo Kid slipped away, and headed home to his wife.

Comments: Created by Joe Sinnott.

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