The Falcon

Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Crimefighter, former secret agent

Affiliations: Emperor Ortona

Enemies: Inspector Stanley, Zania, the Secret Six

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: The Man of Many Disguises

Base of Operations: Active worldwide.

First Appearance: Radio Fun (Amalgamated Press, 1947-1960)

Powers/Abilities: As well as utilising a winged suit that allowed him to fly, the Falcon was a skilled fighter and master of disguise.

History: The Falcon was a "Robin Hood of Crime", always one step ahead of ace detective Inspector Stanley. As the tag line went "Police can't catch him! All crooks fear him!". When crime lost it's appeal, he became a secret agent, and then finally a superhero, costume and all.

Comments: Starting out as the nemesis (a "devil may care" criminal) in Inspector Stanley's strip, the Falcon gained his own strip by 1949, becoming a secret agent in the process. In 1951 he adventured on the planet Urania with Emperor Ortona. Later, in 1957, he adopted a superhero costume. He returned in Zenith Phase Three.

Peter Ford informs me that "In his pre-winged avenger days, the 'Ortona' story, featuring one Zala as bad guy (travelling in flying beam craft), preceded the 1952 UFO flaps with some very authentic looking flying saucers. I recall the first sighting with the Falcon in a boat with a reporter (Wendy?)."

In early 2003 the BBC Radio website did a programme about Radio Fun, and included a dramatisation of a Falcon story, in three parts. Thanks to the numerous individuals who got in touch with me to inform me of this, including Angela Sherwin at the BBC and Jason Kirk.

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