The Engineer

Real Name: Dr Angela Spica

Identity/Class: Cyborg

Occupation: Scientist

Affiliations: Authority

Enemies: Sliding Albion, Kaizen Gamorra

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The Carrier

First Appearance: The Authority #1 (Wildstorm)

Powers/Abilities: The Engineers blood has been replaced with a metallic liquid full of nanotech, tiny machines controlled by her will. She usually coats her skin with a layer of metal to protect herself from harm, and can grow weapons and other equipment at will, taking the raw materials from the environment around her. She can fly, and is able to modify her own body to survive in space unharmed.

History: The Engineer was a genius scientist who allied himself with a group of superbeings led by The High, with their goal being to protect the Earth and humanity from themselves, through subjugation if necessary. This alliance was thwarted by the U.N.'s superpowered response team, Stormwatch, and several of the High's team died in the fight, among them the Engineer.

Not wishing for his work to die with him, the Engineer had arranged that his demise would trigger a failsafe data-dump into the computer's of Dr.Angela Spica, another scientific genius who was researching nano-machines. Combining her work with the Engineer's allowed her to make a quantum leap forward in her search to create a human/machine fusion. Using her new discoveries, she replaced her own blood with nine pints of liquid machinery, which not only carried out all functions of regular plasma and kept her alive, but also allowed her to generate equipment at will. Her work had not gone unnoticed, and she was soon approached by Jenny Sparks, formerly a Stormwatch agent, who was seeking to gather together a new team to replace the now-defunct U.N. agency. Having been a fan of comic book superheroines as a child, Angela agreed to join Jenny's Authority team as the new Engineer.

Comments: Created by Warren Ellis.

Angela Spica is a closet exhibitionist, and is naked almost all the time, fooling everyone into believing that her metallic coating is a costume, rather than her skin.

Thanks to Chris "Doc TOC" Halliday for additional information on this character.


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