el Encapuchado

Real Name: Milton Drake

Identity/Class: Normal human, highly skilled

Occupation: Playboy, vigilante

Affiliations: la Antorcha (ally)

Enemies: criminals, the Police, Police Inspector Oliver Grimm

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Baltimore

First Appearance: la colección Misterio (1943)

Powers/Abilities: No powers

History: Milton Drake was a Baltimore millionaire who grew bored of his playboy lifestyle. While vacationing in Florida he was attacked by a pair of robbers, only to be saved by a masked female, Antorcha (the Torch), a blonde woman dressed in red. Impressed by her example, Drake dedicates himself to crimefighting. Sadly the police, led by Inspector Oliver Grimm, seem more interested in capturing the vigilantes than in pursuing the criminals they prey on. Milton meanwhile pursues a relationship with the beautiful Mavis Donovan, but finds himself secretly attracted to Antorcha too, only to eventually discover, in typical melodrama fashion, that they are one and the same person.

Comments: el Encapuchado first appeared in la colección Misterio in 1943, in a story named after him, written by Guilermo Lopez Hipkiss, under the pen name of John Swindon. This version of the character was a criminal who hid his identity with a hood, and who was captured and imprisoned at the end of the story. A few years later, around 1946, Hipkiss decided to create a new version of the character, similar to the previous one, except that this incarnation would be a hero. His adventures would be based in America, as that was a land where anything could happen, in the eyes of the young Spaniard writing the stories.


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