la Antorcha (The Torch)

I think she is the one on the left, but I'm honestly not certainReal Name: Mavis Donovan

Identity/Class: Normal human, highly skilled

Occupation: Vigilante

Affiliations: ally of el Encapuchado

Enemies: Criminals, the police

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Baltimore

First Appearance: Encapuchado #1 (October 1946)

Powers/Abilities: No powers

History: la Anotorcha was a masked vigilante female who often crossed paths with  fellow vigilante la Encapuchado. In her secret identity she was Mavis Donovan, and dated youthful millionaire Milton Drake. Ironically they eventually discovered that both of them maintained a double life, as Milton was in fact the vigilante la Encapuchado.

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